How can I cancel my booking?

In this sectionHow can I cancel my booking?Refund For Any Reason Terms and ConditionsMy trip was cancelled, what do I do? How to cancel my booking with a Busbud account? How to cancel my booking without a Busbud account? How long does it take to get a refund?Refundable booking add-on

If your booking is cancellable, you can select one of the following options to cancel your booking:

The Terms and Conditions for each booking are shown to you prior to completing your ticket purchase. Additionally, you can conveniently revisit the T&C's in your booking confirmation email or within your Busbud account under your booking details.

If you have exchanged your ticket with the Bus or Train company for a different date, you will need to contact them directly to cancel the ticket. Such cancelations can not be done over Buusbud. 


Kindly be aware that cancelations are only possible in accordance with the Terms & Conditions specified on your ticket.



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