How to cancel my booking with a Busbud account?

In this sectionHow can I cancel my booking?My trip was cancelled, what do I do? How to cancel my booking with a Busbud account? How to cancel my booking without a Busbud account? How long does it take to get a refund?Refundable booking add-on

You can cancel your booking, if within the timeframe permitted by the Terms and Conditions, easily by logging into your Busbud account. 


Once you have logged in to your Busbud account, you can view your past and future trips. Select your future trip you wish to cancel. 

By selecting the trip you wish to cancel, this will open up the trip details. You can verify if your trip is cancellable, and if there are any applicable cancellation fees.

Select "Cancel Trip" and confirm in the "Cancel Trip and Refund Tickets" box. 

Once you've confirmed and successfully cancelled your trip, you will see a cancellation confirmation window. We will also send you a cancellation confirmation email with all the details.

Please note, the refund can take up to 5 business days before it will be reflected on your bank or card statement. 


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