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Can you cancel your trip according to the terms and conditions of your booking? 


If your booking is cancellable, you can select one of the following options to cancel your booking:



The terms and conditions of each booking are shown before you purchase your ticket. You can also review the terms and conditions in your booking confirmation.


If you have any issues when cancelling your booking, please contact us for assistance.


Please note that bookings can only be cancelled if the terms & conditions of your ticket allow. 


You can cancel your booking, if within the timeframe permitted by the terms and conditions and with applicable fees, easily by logging into your Busbud account, or directly from the Help Center with the email address used during booking, the last four digits of the card used, and the departure date of the trip.



Once you have logged in to your Busbud account, you can view your past and future trips. Select the trip you wish to cancel. 



By selecting the trip you wish to cancel, this will open up the trip details. You can verify if your trip is cancellable, and if there are any applicable cancellation fees. 






Select "Cancel Trip" and confirm in the "Cancel Trip and Refund Tickets" box. 





Once you've confirmed the refund amount and successfully cancelled your trip, you will see a confirmation window, and you will also be sent a confirmation email. 




You can also still view your cancelled trips in your trip history. 


Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 

We're here to help!



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