In this sectionHow to redeem my GO credits? What is GO with Busbud?How do I earn GO credits? How can I check my GO Credits balance? Do my GO credits expire?What are the GO with Busbud membership levels?Where is GO with Busbud available and who can benefit from it?What do I do if I believe credits were not properly credited to my account?What happens if I have more credits than the ticket I'm buying?What happens to my GO credits if I cancel my purchase?

Introducing GO with Busbud, our new loyalty program that recognizes and rewards our valued customers while offering them the chance to discover more incredible and amazing destinations. With GO with Busbud, you can earn credits every time you book a bus ticket on the Busbud apps (you can download our app from the App Store or Google Play Store) or on You can utilize these credits to access travel discounts and other exclusive offers, providing you with enhanced opportunities to discover thrilling new destinations and adventures.


Here’s how it works:

  • Buy and use five tickets, then redeem your credits on the next ticket
  • Level-up over time to receive even more credits with your new bookings
  • Unlock new and exclusive badges, by traveling to various destinations around the world

Why should I sign up for GO Rewards?

That's an easy one. Here's why:

1 - It's super simple and free. All you have to do is create an account on No need to fill in a bunch of forms. 

2 - Every time you buy a ticket through Busbud and use your ticket, your credits will automatically be assigned to your account. You don't have to do anything else. 

3 - You'll get discounts to travel. Who wouldn't want that? :) 

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