What is my luggage allowance?

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Most bus companies have similar luggage policies. The standard free allowance is:

  • Carry-on: 1 carry on item is allowed per passenger. The general weight limit must not weigh more than 5 kg (11lbs).
  • Hold allowance: 1 bag allowed in the baggage hold. The general maximum allowed weight is 23 kg (55.1lbs).

Please note, this is a general allowance, and we always suggest checking the specific luggage policy of your bus company before you travel.


How do I travel with extra luggage?

In most cases, you will be charged for additional luggage at the station. Prices vary per bus company. Some bus companies charge by weight, while others charge a flat fee per bag. Please contact your bus company directly to check if you can travel with additional luggage.


What's my bus company's luggage policy?

You can check the luggage policy of your bus company by searching for your bus company here.


Don't see your bus company's luggage policy?

Sign-in to your Busbud account and find your ticket. Once you find your ticket, click on "details". You will see the terms and conditions including a breakdown of your luggage allowance.


Travelling with pets, bicycles or oversized luggage?

If you can't find the oversized luggage policy of your bus company, please contact the bus company directly here for further details.


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