Travel Grants and Medical exemptions

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There are some bus routes and companies that accept a medical travel grant, which is issued from the province or state in which you will be travelling for an appointment.


If you're planning to go to the hospital and need to travel there by bus, you may apply for a Medical travel grant through the government.


Information required to fill out on the medical travel grant document

  • Medical appointment dates
  • Company travelling with, and mode of transportation (e.g. Train, bus, ferry)
  • Dates of stay in the city where your medical appointment will be conducted
  • Exact amounts of fees for transportation, lodging, and additional expected fees
  • Personal and brief medical information
  • Passport information and Visa (if required, as you are not a resident of the province/state you are going to for a medical appointment)


How to Use It

When you go to book your bus ticket, you must do so directly with the bus company, speaking to an agent at the station. Please bring your grant documentation, and valid ID for yourself and the passenger (if booking on someone's behalf).



You can only use this special document to get the discounted ticket if you book with the staff at the bus company directly. You may also contact them before having the grant issued if you have any doubts about the validity of the grant on their service.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact the bus company directly, as well as the government body that controls issuing these grants.


Happy travels!

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