What are the GO with Busbud membership levels?

In this sectionHow to redeem my GO with Busbud credits? How do I upgrade or maintain my GO with Busbud membership level?Where can I find my GO with Busbud credits? Why has my GO with Busbud membership level downgraded?Why can I not use my GO with Busbud credits?What is GO with Busbud?How do I earn GO with Busbud credits? How can I check my GO with Busbud credits balance? Do my GO with Busbud credits expire?What are the GO with Busbud membership levels?Where is GO with Busbud available and who can benefit from it?What do I do if I believe credits were not properly credited to my account?What happens if I have more credits than the ticket I'm buying?What happens to my GO with Busbud credits if I cancel my purchase?

GO with Busbud has four levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. The more you travel, the more credits you'll get. As you move higher on your membership level, you'll earn more credits per ticket purchased. This means you'll save more money and have the opportunity to stretch that travel budget a little further. 


What's the difference between the levels?


Bronze: The Bronze tier is the level you're at once you create your account. The trips you take at this level will grant you up to 4.2% of credits, which you can redeem after using 5 bus tickets.


Silver: To reach the Silver level and get up to 4.8% of travel credits, you need to have purchased and used 5 tickets, traveled 2,000 kilometers, or visited 2 countries. 


Gold: Gold members can earn up to 5.4% of credits from their ticket values. To become a gold member, you must use 10 bus tickets, travel 4.000 kilometers, or visit three countries by bus.


Platinum: Platinum members have up to 6% cashback, and the earned credit can also be redeemed after using 5 tickets. To reach this tier, travelers must purchase 15 tickets, travel 6.000 kilometers or visit 4 countries.

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