How do I earn GO with Busbud credits?

In this sectionHow to redeem my GO with Busbud credits? What is GO with Busbud?How do I earn GO with Busbud credits? How can I check my GO with Busbud credits balance? Do my GO with Busbud credits expire?What are the GO with Busbud membership levels?Where is GO with Busbud available and who can benefit from it?What do I do if I believe credits were not properly credited to my account?What happens if I have more credits than the ticket I'm buying?What happens to my GO with Busbud credits if I cancel my purchase?


It's simple: buy bus tickets through Busbud's app and take the trip. After you use 5 tickets, you can redeem your GO with Busbud credits on the next ticket you purchase. 

  • Download our app from the App Store or Google Play Store
  • Create an account and make sure you're signed in when you book your tickets
  • You can either buy tickets for yourself or someone else. So if you buy tickets to travel with 4 other friends, you'll be entitled to redeem your reward on the next ticket

  • After every 5th ticket you buy and use (it can be 5, 10, 15...), you earn 1 redeem right



  • GO with Busbud is not available when booking tickets on Only tickets booked through the app are eligible
  • If a purchase is partially/totally paid with credits or with a discount code, no rewards are given

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