Can I take the next available bus if I miss my trip?

In this sectionWhat happens if the first leg of my journey is delayed?Where is my bus?What is my luggage allowance?Can I take an earlier bus if my ticket is non-exchangeable?Can I board the bus at a different location than the one stated on my booking?Can I take the next available bus if I miss my trip?Will I receive food on the bus?When should I arrive at the station?

Your ticket is only valid for the time and date of departure that is shown on your ticket. We apologize, however you cannot use your ticket to board another bus if you miss your original trip.

Please note, this is not a Busbud policy, however, each bus company has their own terms and conditions that we have to respect. If you're already at the bus station, we suggest that you contact a member of staff to see if they can make an exception and allow you to board another bus.

Did you miss the bus because of a bus company issue on the day of travel?

If you could not take the bus due to an issue with your trip, or the bus company, please contact us, and we will do everything to assist you.

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