How to access my Amtrak tickets

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After booking tickets with Amtrak on, tickets should have been sent in a separate email by Amtrak directly. Make sure to check your spam folder.

In case you did not receive your tickets, you may access them at

  1. Click on the "My Trip" located on the upper right-hand corner:


  2. Insert your 6-digit reservation number (found on your Busbud confirmation e-mail), and input your e-mail address, phone number or last name used when booking your ticket on 

  3. Select "View/Share Details".

  4. Select the "Ticket" tab to find the QR code that you may travel with.

  5. To send ticket(s) to your email, select "Share Trip Details" and input the email to which you would like your ticket to be sent. Don't forget to check your spam folder!



Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at 

Happy travels!

-Your Busbud Team




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