How to access my Amtrak tickets

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After booking tickets with Amtrak, your tickets will be sent directly to you by Amtrak in a separate email. Don't forget to check your spam folder! 

If you have not received your tickets (or accidentally delete them), you can still access your tickets by visiting Amtrak at Here's how:

1. Click on "My Trip" located on the upper right-hand corner:


2. Insert your 6-digit reservation number found in your Busbud confirmation e-mail, along with your e-mail address, phone number or last name used when booking your ticket. If you're experiencing difficulties, we suggest inputting your last name instead of your email address. It's possible that a typo was made when entering your email address, which could prevent your booking from being found.

3. Select "View/Share Details".

4. Select "Share Trip Details" and input the email(s) to which you would like your ticket(s) to be sent. Don't forget to check your spam folder once it was sent!


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