My bus hasn't arrived, what should I do?

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Sometimes delays can happen unexpectedly due to unforeseen circumstances like traffic or weather. If your bus has not arrived to pick you up, there are a couple of ways to help you.

The departure time has passed and my bus hasn't arrived

If you are waiting for your bus and it hasn't arrived by the time it is due to depart, it is possible that your trip is slightly delayed. We suggest that you:

  • Verify that you are waiting at the correct departure location (the address can be found in your confirmation email and/or on your ticket directly).
  • Try locating a member of staff at the station first. If there is no staff member, contact the bus company directly.
  • Contact the bus company operating your trip to ask for an update. You can also find the bus company contact information in the confirmation email we sent you. You can also check on your ticket to see if there is an emergency contact number for the bus company you're travelling with.

My bus never arrived, what should I do?

If your bus never arrived at the address provided to you, please:

  • Double check with the bus company that your trip is not delayed. In most cases, you can find the bus company's contact information on your ticket or in the confirmation email.
  • Contact us immediately if you were not able to travel due to a no-show bus.

We will do everything to get to the bottom of this issue for you and find a solution.

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