Beware of Imposter Profiles on Facebook

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At Busbud, we take the privacy and security of our customers very seriously. We want to inform you about an imposter profile that has recently been discovered on Facebook, posing as our real Facebook page.

This imposter profile may try to deceive you by using the Busbud name, logo, and other details that resemble our official page. The imposter may also publish posts, images, or messages that appear to be from us, but they are not.

We want to clarify that we have no affiliation with this imposter profile and that it is not an authorized page of our company. We are working with Facebook to report and remove this page, but we need your help to avoid any confusion or harm.

Here are some tips on how to identify and avoid imposter profiles on Facebook:

- Look for the blue verification badge: Our official Facebook page has a blue verification badge next to our name, which means it has been verified by Facebook as an authentic and official page. Check if the profile you are viewing has this badge.

- Check the page name: Our official Facebook page is only titled Busbud. Make sure the profile you are viewing has the same name and URL as our official page.

- Verify the content and messaging: Our official Busbud Facebook page only publishes posts, images, and messages that are related to our business and services. If you see any content or messaging that is suspicious, inappropriate, or unrelated to our company, it is likely an imposter profile.

- We will never request full banking details without prior communication and confirmation of a booking that was made or a failed booking attempt: Please be aware that we will never ask for your full banking information. We may only request the last 4 digits of the credit card used, and only after confirming from our side that a successful booking or a failed booking attempt was made. If you receive any requests for your full banking details from someone claiming to be from Busbud, please do not provide this information and contact us immediately to report the incident.

- If you find any imposter profile that is using our company name, logo, or details without authorization, please report it to Facebook immediately. You can also contact us to let us know, so we can take further action.

We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that this imposter profile may have caused, and we appreciate your support and understanding. We will continue to monitor and protect our customers’ privacy and security on all social media platforms.

The most secure & fast way to contact Busbud is over our Help Center or by contacting us directly at

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us through our official channels.

Thank you for your cooperation and trust.

Happy Travels

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