In which currency will I get charged in?

In this sectionI received an error message, why did my booking fail?How do I access my booking?My booking failed, why did I get charged? In which currency will I get charged in?Portugal: How to pay with MB WAY?South Africa: How to pay with Instant EFT?How can I pay for my ticket?


Bookings made via web on

When making a booking, the currency in which you pay will be determined by your billing country. Here's how it works:

  • The billing country is used to determine the payment options available to you.
  • The billing address associated with your payment method should match the billing country.

Please note, your residential address may not be used to determine the billing currency. To ensure that you are charged in the correct currency, make sure that the billing address you provide matches the billing country, and is the same as the address associated with your payment method.


Bookings made via the Busbud App (iOS or Android)

When making a booking on our app, the billing currency is determined by your device’s region settings. Please ensure to set the correct region via your phone settings to set the currency you wish to pay for your booking.

To change your region on:

  • iPhone: go to Settings --> General --> Language & Region.
  • Android: go to Settings --> Language & Input or Language & Region --> Region or Country

Example: Set your phone’s region to “Canada” if you want to be billed in Canadian dollars (CAD).


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