I received an error message, why did my booking fail?

In this sectionI received an error message, why did my booking fail?How do I access my booking?My booking failed, why did I get charged? In which currency will I get charged in?Portugal: How to pay with MB WAY?South Africa: How to pay with Instant EFT?How can I pay for my ticket?

Why did I receive an error message?

Don't worry, there are several reasons why you may have received an error message informing you that your booking failed: 

  • The bus company is experiencing a technical issue.
  • Your payment information was entered incorrectly.
  • We don't support your payment method.

Did I get charged?

Of course not! Rest assured, any amount you see on your bank statement will be automatically reversed. As part of the ticket reservation process with the trip operator, a temporary hold is placed on the required funds. If the reservation fails, this amount is released back to you. The processing time depends on your bank. No additional steps are needed.


What can I do to book my ticket?

In most cases, you can successfully book your ticket by trying again. If the error was due to a bus company technical issue, try waiting a few minutes before attempting to book again.

If your booking was declined due to a payment issue, please ensure the following before trying to book again:

  • Verify your card security code (CVV) is entered correctly
  • Check to see if we support your payment method

Still unable to book a ticket?

Just drop us a line here. Our expert team will get back to you.


Happy travels!

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