How do I travel with my wheelchair?

In this sectionHow do I book a bus ticket?Can I reserve a ticket online and pay at the station?Can I book a one-way ticket?Can I choose my seat?Why can't I find the route that I want?Can I buy a ticket for someone else?Can I make a group booking? How do I travel with my wheelchair?

Travelling with a wheelchair?

We are more than happy to help you travel as comfortably as possible.

Not all bus companies have buses that have been adapted to allow wheelchair access.

Which bus companies have been adapted for wheelchairs?

  • ADO
  • Aisa
  • BestBus
  • Boltbus
  • CoachRun
  • Ebus
  • El Expreso
  • Eurolines FR/Isilines
  • Florida Red Line Shuttle
  • Galland
  • GoBuses
  • Greyhound CA
  • Greyhound US
  • Greyhound (AU)
  • Jefferson Lines
  • Limocar
  • Maheux
  • Maritime Bus
  • Miller Hoosier
  • Movelia
  • National Express
  • NY Trailways
  • Ontario Northland
  • Orléans Express
  • Ouibus
  • Ourbus
  • Perubus
  • Peterpan
  • Plataforma 10
  • Quickshuttle
  • Red Arrow

How do I book a ticket for a passenger with a wheelchair?

Please note, you only need to use the "passengers travelling with a wheelchair" option if you need to travel in your wheelchair (or other mobility device) and require assistance boarding.

  • Proceed to search for your trip as normal on
  • When you select the amount of passengers travelling, be sure to select "passengers travelling with a wheelchair".

If you are able to board the bus alone, and can place your wheelchair in the hold of the bus, you do not need to select "passengers travelling with a wheelchair".

If you need to travel in your wheelchair, please don't forget to tick the "passengers travelling with a wheelchair" option, otherwise your bus may not be equipped for wheelchair boarding and travel.

No availability for your route with wheelchair access?

If you don't see any availability for your chosen route with wheelchair access, we suggest that you contact the bus company directly to see if you can book directly with them. Please reach out to us if you need any contact information.

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