How do I travel with my wheelchair?

In this sectionHow to book a ticket?Can I reserve a ticket online and pay for it at the station?Can I book a one-way ticket?Can I choose my seat?Why can't I find the route I want?Can I buy a ticket for someone else?Can I make a group booking? How do I travel with my wheelchair?

We are more than happy to help you travel as comfortably as possible!

Please note, you only need to use the "passengers travelling with a wheelchair" option if you need to travel in your wheelchair (or other mobility device) and require assistance boarding.

If you are able to board alone, and can place your wheelchair in the hold of the bus or train, you do not need to select "passengers travelling with a wheelchair".

To ensure you are travelling on a trip equipped with wheelchair access:

  • Toggle "Wheelchair" when selecting your passengers. We will then only show departures equipped for wheelchairs. 

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No availability for your route with wheelchair access?

If you don't see any availability for your chosen route with wheelchair access, we suggest that you contact the trip operator directly to see if you can book directly with them. 

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