Rede Expressos: How can I exchange my ticket?

In this sectionHow can I exchange my ticket? Megabus Canada & USA: How can I exchange my ticket?Rede Expressos: How can I exchange my ticket?

Have your plans changed? No problem, you can exchange your Rede Expressos ticket!


How do I exchange my ticket?

  • To exchange your ticket, you must go to the Rede Expressos website directly:
  • For National tickets, you may exchange them up to 3 hours before departure. 
  • Exchanges are not permitted for trips crossing an international border.
  • Rede Expressos tickets can be exchanged for a different departure time or date, however you cannot exchange them for a different route: route changes are not allowed.

Please click on Revalidations at the top, and input the following information from your ticket 

  • Ticket number: XXXXXXX
  • Trip code: XXXX
  • Seat: 0XX




Click Submit. It will bring you to the calendar to select the date of your convenience. Proceed until the end, and they will send you a ticket with the new date to your email address.





Looking for more Rede Expressos bus policies, such as boarding requirements and luggage policy? Click here for more information.



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