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In most cases, you will have an e-ticket, so you do not need to print your ticket. However, some trip operators might require different boarding requirements. Here is an overview of the different options: 

  • E-ticket: No need to print; display your e-ticket on your mobile device. Download it to Apple or Google Wallet or save it on your device.
  • Print Your Ticket: You must print your ticket before going to the station. Not printing it may lead to boarding issues.

  • Pick Up at the Station: Show your booking reference to the staff at the station to get your ticket. You receive your booking number via email.

How to know if I need to print my ticket:

  • Before purchase: It will state whether printing your ticket is necessary, during the checkout process before you confirm your booking.
  • After purchase: This information is in your confirmation you receive after you confirm your booking. 

Remember to adhere to the trip operator's boarding requirements to avoid any issues when arriving at the station. Failure to do so may result in being denied boarding.

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