How can I exchange my ticket?

If the Terms & Conditions of your ticket allow exchanges, you can request to change the date or time of your trip by contacting the bus or train company directly. Please keep in mind that most companies do not allow changing the departure or arrival locations. Under no circumstances can Busbud exchange or modify a ticket on your behalf. 

Contacting the operator of your trip: 

  • You can find the contact information of your trip operator here.
  • You can also find the contact information of your trip operator in your Busbud account, and on your confirmation email. If you cannot find their contact information, please contact us here.

Some tickets must be exchanged directly at the station.

  • Some bus or train companies only allow exchanges directly at the station.
  • If your ticket can only be exchanged at the station, you must present yourself in person, following the general conditions of your purchase.

Are there exchange fees?

  • Some bus or train companies charge fees for ticket exchanges.
  • All fees associated with the exchange of your ticket are indicated in the Terms & Conditions of your purchase.

Please note that it is only possible to request an exchange within the specified timeframes, as indicated in the exchange policy of your reservation.


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