Busbud App: Which currency will I get charged in?

In this sectionWhy cant I book Amtrak tickets on the Busbud app?Busbud App: Which currency will I get charged in? What are the advantages of booking on the Busbud app? Is there a Busbud mobile app?

When making a booking on the Busbud app, the billing currency is linked to your device’s region settings.

Please ensure to set the correct region via your phone settings to set the currency you wish to pay for your booking.

Example: Set your phone’s region to “Canada” if you want to be billed in Canadian dollars (CAD) or to Germany if you like to get charged in Euro (EUR).

To change your region on:

  • iPhone: go to Settings --> General --> Language & Region.
  • Android: go to Settings --> Language & Input or Language & Region --> Region or Country

By setting your region correctly, our app will automatically bill you in the currency associated with that region, making your booking experience hassle-free.

Download the Busbud app now and experience a smoother, more rewarding journey with us.

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