How to exchange a Greyhound ticket

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Have your plans changed? No problem, you can exchange your Greyhound ticket!


How do I exchange my ticket?

  • To exchange your ticket, you must contact Greyhound directly or go to the bus station in person.
  • Make sure to have your Greyhound booking reference on hand when you want to exchange your ticket.
  • Greyhound tickets can be exchanged for a different departure time or date, however you cannot exchange them for a different route: route changes are not allowed.

You will have to pay a US$20 fee for exchanging tickets with Greyhound.


Contact Greyhound

Call Greyhound at this number to request an exchange:

📞  1-214-849-8966


When can I exchange my ticket?

  • You must exchange your Greyhound ticket no later than 24 hours before the original departure time shown on your booking. If you contact Greyhound after this time you will not be able to exchange your ticket.

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